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Air Fryer Q&A

Do I need to add oil when I cook food in an air fryer?
If the food itself contains fat such as meat, there is no need to add oil. But if the food contains hardly any or no fat, such as seafood or vegetables, or has a layer of flour or dough, such as salty crispy chicken, apply a little oil on the surface to prevent the meat from drying out. The air fryer uses less oil when compared to traditional frying methods.

Do I need to add a little water to the ingredients before cooking?
Starch-based food from the refrigerator can be directly air-fried (for example: bread or pastry) or you can spray a small amount of water on any meat to make it more smooth and tender.

Do I need to flip or turn the ingredients regularly?
Although an air fryer cooks food using 360-degree high-speed hot air circulation technology, you can flip or turn the ingredients during the cooking process for even heat distribution as the rapid heat generator is located at the top. However, some new air fryers have a rotating grill rack to ensure food is evenly heated without the need to flip or turn the ingredients.   

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