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Water Dispenser Basics: How They Work?

Water dispensers are an important resource to have in both our homes and office complexes, as they make it easier for us to acquire drinking water throughout the day. However, as useful as these tools are, many individuals still don’t quite understand how these machines work to dispense tasty and clean water. These are some of the different water dispenser models and the basics of how they work to provide you with the highest quality water possible.

Bottled Water Dispensers

Bottled water dispensers work by drawing water from a large plastic bottle hooked into the top or bottom of the machine. These models often come equipped with heating or cooling functions for the water. But other than that, the water in the bottle is already filtered and doesn’t need to be treated by the dispenser itself. Depending on which dispensing option you choose, this model works by pressing the corresponding button, running the water through temperature control, and pouring it into your cup.

Mounted Water Dispensers

Mounted water dispensers, or water fountains, are models mounted in public areas such as parks or large office hallways. These dispensers work by tapping into nearby water lines that carry processed water to local homes and businesses and dispense it through a pressurized valve. The stream of water that it produces isn’t heated, cooled, or treated beyond the initial testing done at the water treatment facility. However, these are great places to stop and grab a quick drink on your walk.

Point-of-Use Water Dispensers

Point-of-use water dispensers are the ones most often used by homes and offices to give them convenient access to highly filtered water. Connected directly into a water line, these models provide individuals with an infinite amount of water in a series of different ways. Like bottled water dispensers, they can also cool or heat the water it dispenses. However, point-of-use water dispensers also have the additional step of filtering the water before it’s poured.

At H2O Coolers, we believe that knowing where your water comes from is just as important as drinking enough of it to keep you hydrated. This is why we provide our customers with the knowledge of how our filtration process works in addition to our quality ice and water dispenser rentals in New York City. This way, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body and how important water is to your health.


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