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  • 10 reasons why you need a water dispenser


    1. It is more convenient than a kettleDon’t you know that the kettle is already considered a device from the dinosaur ages. Firstly, the heating technology had been constant and not improving for decades. Besides, you have to fill it fully with water first, plug in the wall socket daily. What’s worse is that you have to wait for your water to boil before you can drink it.As for the water dispenser, the heating technology is constantly improving to be more efficient. Besides, water dispensers a

  • The Best Evaporative Coolers to Keep You Comfortable When It’s Hot Inside


    When it comes time to cool your home during warmer months, you may think your only options are an air conditioner or a box fan, but there’s a third choice: an evaporative cooler. These coolers have a water tank in their base that you can fill up manually, or hook up to a garden hose. A pump circulates the water, speeding up the process of evaporation. As the water evaporates, the air inside the cooler drops by up to 15 degrees. The wet air gets absorbed into panels built into the sides of the

  • The Best Brands of Air Fryer


    Air fryers are essential for people who are looking for a healthier way to cook their food, without sacrificing taste. There is nothing better than the taste of crispy fried foods without all the grease and calories that go along with it. So if you’re an Air Fryer owner, then we have compiled this list of what’s the best brands of air fryers on the market today:8. Philips HD9240/25 AirfryerImage Source: https://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/HD9240_90/avance-collection-airfryer-xl-with-rapid-air-techno

  • Air Fryers Price List December 2021 - Philippines


    Air fryers are all the rage in today's food preparation business. Instead of using oil, air fryers work by using super-heated air to cook food. Perfect for those who want to steer clear from fat and oils, an air fryer is a healthy option when it comes to preparing food. Check out the best air fryersonline or read more about them below.What brand of an air fryer is the best?PhilipsKaisa VillaXiaomiTefalBlack DeckerKyowaImarflexHanabishiRussell Hobbs3DNuwaveBearKaisa Villa JD-8001 Air Fryer K

  • 8 best air fryers in Malaysia for healthier meals and convenience


    Air fryers are no longer the household appliance coveted only by makcik-makcik and housewives who love watching shopping channels while they fold their laundries. The kitchen appliance has now reached a godlike status among those who love to cook at home due to its convenience, among other things.Air fryers, once seen as one of the kitchen appliancesonly the rich could afford, have now gained huge popularity among foodies and those who love healthier home cooking. Air fryers can now be found in

  • Let's know something about home appliance,Do you know?


    Home Appliances are divided into three types:
    1.small appliances;
    2.major appliances,or white goods;
    3.consumer electronics,or brown goods.
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  • What's small appliance?


    (Small appliances in a kitchen: a food processor, a waffle iron, a coffee maker, and an electric kettle.)A small domestic appliance, also known as a small electric appliance or minor appliance or simply a small appliance, small domestic or small electric, is a portable or semi-portable machine, generally used on table-tops, counter-tops or other platforms, to accomplish a household task. Ningbo Ninfun Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd

  • Air Fryer Mashed Potato Pancakes Recipe


    Learn how to cook crispy and delicious potato pancakes in an air fryer.Ingredients 2 cups mashed potatoes 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese 1 green onion, Ningbo Ninfun Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd

  • How Does A Bottled Water Dispenser Work?


    The bottled water dispenser is a simple device. The water is placed upside down on top, where there is a small hole where the mouth of the bottle fits. It is designed like this, so that gravity and vacuum pressure will fill the machine with water from the bottle, which then gets released to the cup or glass when you press the faucet or spigot. As the water comes out, the air is also let inside.Ningbo Ninfun Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd

  • COVID-19 Economic Impact Report: Global Major Household Appliances


    COVID-19 Economic Impact Report: Global Major Household Appliances looks at how the expected impact of the pandemic on the current macroeconomic environment compares to other major events since 2000, including the bursting of the technology bubble, the SARS outbreak, the 2009 global downturn, and the European financial crisis.Ningbo Ninfun Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd

  • How to Choose a good Air Fryer?


    Are you looking to buy an Air Fryer? If so, then let's talk about How to Choose the Right Air Fryer.www.ninfun.com.cn I have been posting Air Fryer Recipes quite a bit lately and will continue to do so.I have fallen in love with it.Seriously, so much so that it’s now got counter top space and that’s a big deal around here.Ningbo Ninfun Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd

  • what's an air fryer?


    An air fryer is a small countertop convection oven designed to simulatedeep frying without submerging the food in oil.A fan circulates hot air[1]at high speed, producing a crisp layer via browning reactions such as the Maillard reaction.

  • Global Water Dispensers Market Size, 2016-2026


    Global Water Dispensers Market Size, 2016-2026, (US $Bn)In
    addition, advent of water purification technologies and cost-effective
    and energy-efficient water cleaning products will support market growth.
    Drinking water scarcity across various regions requires robust sources
    to fulfil the demand for safe drinking water, which also leads to the
    extensive usage of water dispenser.

  • Global Small Household Appliances Market (2020 to 2024)


    The global small household appliances market is forecasted to reach US$159.49 billion in 2024, growing from US$115.30 billion in 2020.The market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 8.45% during the period spanning 2020-2024.
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  • What to look out for when buying an air fryer?


    Type Air fryers are available in a wide range of designs, with different features and functions to match the needs of different consumers. You can pick a model that is more stylish, or come in a unique color or choose one based on features such as smart menus, pre-set cooking functions, easy temperature control etc.
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  • Air Fryer Q&A


    Do I need to add oil when I cook food in an air fryer?If the food itself contains fat such as meat, there is no need to add oil. But if the food contains hardly any or no fat, such as seafood or vegetables, or has a layer of flour or dough, such as salty crispy chicken, apply a little oil on the surface to prevent the meat from drying out.
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  • What to Know Before Buying a Water Cooler or Water Dispenser


    Once mostly an office icon known as the spot where workers shared gossip, a water cooler or water dispenser is now seen as a convenient, or perhaps even essential, appliance for the home.
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  • Water Dispenser Basics: How They Work?


    Water dispensers are an important resource to have in both our homes and office complexes, as they make it easier for us to acquire drinking water throughout the day.
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  • Do Air Fryers Have Health Benefits?


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